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Entrepreneur overcomes life knocks to build advertising powerhouse

Behind the glitz of a well furnished office, flamboyant staff that totals 22 and regional accolades that define Nick Creations, is the make or break tale of a young entrepreneur with the tenacity of a hawk who has received life’s hardest knocks to build a media behemoth. ad more

Annual camel derby offers perfect getaway for Kenya families

The annual Maralal Camel Derby is back and promises a flurry of activities for the whole family including bicycle and camel races even as it demystifies the culture of the Samburu people. The Maralal Camel Derby is held every year in Marala, a desert town in Samburu County. The event aims to promote the economic status of the pastoral community, Read more

Online portal protects diaspora remittances spurring investment

An association of Kenyans in diaspora has unveiled a transformatory online project that seeks to monitor how their businesses and investments in Kenya are fairing, coming at a time when it has been revealed that money sent home by the diaspora is hugely mismanaged. Read more

Tobacco to bamboo project heralds low cost housing

A project aimed at encouraging farmers to move from the volative tobacco farming and embrace bamboo farming in Nyanza and Western regions is proving successful with more farmers embracing the practice that is not only earning them a decent income but assisting bridge the biting decent housing short fall in the area. Read more

How an idea bloomed into a flower enterprise

Behind the Sh10,000 monthly profit each member of a self help group in Nyeri county earns, and a blooming flower business is the sweat and toil story of 11 young people who two years ago had the will but no means to actualize the will. Read more

Low cost fertility treatment to be introduced in government hospitals

Plans to have low cost IVF treatment offered in public hospitals in efforts to have more couples access fertility treatment in Kenya are underway. According to Dr. John Ong’ech, Head of department for Obstetrics and Gynecology, ad more

Gaming arcade to end kids’ holiday in style

A gaming arcade is giving Kenya kids a chance to end their holiday in style by bringing activities like 3D video games, rock climbing, bumper cars among others in one roof. Read more

Loan calculator allows borrowers compare credit packages

Borrowers can now know exact loan costs online, thanks to an application by Kenya Bankers Association that calculate actual interest and total repayment amount at a time when financial and credit institutions are taking the heat for overpricing their loans. Read more

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Headband notifies parents when kids have trouble in water (2)

A headband that notify parents about their children’s safety status while in water has been hailed as the best remedy to drowning which is ranked as the second leading cause of domestic injuries  claiming at least 7300 children below the age of five years in Kenya every year according to reports. Read more...

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