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SMS cuts down on SMEs spending

With an implosion of SMEs in the country keen on cutting down on spending and maximizing profits, a range of opportunities and business tools are emerging to address these needs. One such is a mobile application that allows the businesses to communicate and send bills and invoices via SMS at affordable rates. Read more

Kenya kids’ artwork to appear on Cartoon Network

Kenyan children will have a chance to have their artwork featured on on a promo for Cartoon Network’s show, Ben 10 Omniverse. Cartoon Network, an animated American television channel, has partnered with the Britam Foundation to improve wildlife conservancy in the country. ad more

Western farmers eye increased yields with training

Over 40,000 smallholder farmers from western Kenya are set to train on new age farming, in a move meant to spur more yields and incomes at a time when the climate change and poor soils have taken a toll on the area’s production capacity. ad more

Tendersoko simplifies procurement with digital tendering

Companies and individuals listing and seeking tenders in Kenya can do it by a click of a mouse and for a small fee of at least  Sh5000 a month, thanks for TenderSoko, an on line platform that help companies cut on heavy advertising costs in main stream media while feeding tender seekers with timely information. Read more

War victims find fortunes in cassava flour

A decision by 12 women to embrace cassava cultivation after the 1990s war in North Eastern Uganda has turned the region into a commercial cassava growing area, with the group being the lead supplier of cassava flour to Britannia. Read more

Tanzania farmers bet on farm project to double income and yields

Over 100,000 smallholder farmers in Tanzania’s major breadbasket zones are expected to more than double yields, access low cost fertilizer while finding competitive markets thanks to a host of projects meant to address food security. ad more

Sorghum porridge tantalizes Kenyan families’ taste buds

A new porridge mix with 30 percent more nutritional value than other products in the market is proving a hit among Kenya kids due to its unique taste and has won more mothers due to ease of preparation. Read more

Construction agents point youth to hustle free jobs

Unemployed youth keen on working in the construction sector can now get jobs hustle free and earn upto Sh400 daily thanks to construction agents who source jobs for them while earning Sh50 commission. Read more

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Headband notifies parents when kids have trouble in water (2)

A headband that notify parents about their children’s safety status while in water has been hailed as the best remedy to drowning which is ranked as the second leading cause of domestic injuries  claiming at least 7300 children below the age of five years in Kenya every year according to reports. Read more...

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