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Farmers beat high seed prices with mini packs

After being a maize farmer for three decades, former high school teacher Athanus Kioko noticed that for the first time the harvests were dwindling at an alarming rate. Read more

All surface chalkboards spark creativity among tots

A chalkboard that can stick on any wall is offering Kenya kids the chance to enhance their creativity while doubling up as notice boards for small offices. The chalkboard wall stickers are unlike your normal chalkboards. Read more

Value addition efforts inspire farming for export

Passion fruit farmers in Rift Valley have been earning a quarter from the sale of passion fruits compared to the price of the value added product, in a sorry state of affairs depicting how farmers are losing to the unexploited value addition sector. Read more

Baby shower decorations shop

An online store that sells decorations for baby showers is revamping the way Kenyan moms hold these parties. Here mothers-to-be can get custom made balloons and banners exclusively for baby showers. Read more

Harmonized currency exchange system spares E. African businesses high conve...

A trader in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania can pay for goods in any of the three region’s currencies without necessarily changing them into a customer’s preferred mode of payment, thanks to the East Africa Payment System (EAPS) that allows real time money transfer in the region on gross basis.  more

Project boosts farming best practices, triples earnings

Kenyan farmers have increased production in selected crops by upto 50 percent and increased farm earnings to 30 percent thanks to professional networking which has facilitate information sharing and exchange. Read more

SMEs tame prohibitive call costs with social media

*Janet, a second hand cloth dealer at Nairobi's Gikomba market would rather communicate with her suppliers through Facebook and whatsapp than calling them on her mobile phone. She explains that a 5 mega byte bundle retailing at Sh5 enables her chat throughout the day a departure from the past where such talk time would have cost her Sh5760 worth of calling credit given that an average call rate by [ ... ]

Sunflower boosts milk yields and income amid feed shortage

An incessant milk shortage in the country occasioned by lack of animal feeds has put a strain on milk supply, but vanguard farmers have found solace in sunflower by products which hasve increased milk supply by unto 5 litres daily. Read more

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Headband notifies parents when kids have trouble in water (2)

A headband that notify parents about their children’s safety status while in water has been hailed as the best remedy to drowning which is ranked as the second leading cause of domestic injuries  claiming at least 7300 children below the age of five years in Kenya every year according to reports. Read more...

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