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Elephants tame Sodom apple spread, saving livestock

Farmers who have struggled with the poisonous and invasive Sodom Apple responsible for deaths of their livestock can now breathe easy after it was established that the wild animals’ appetite for the plant is helping tame its spread. ad more

Farmer bakes a fortune with orange fleshed sweet potato

Romanos Opato a farmer in Kisumu has more than tripled income and diversified his farming activities as he makes cakes, mandazis, and porridge using mashed orange fleshed potato as the main ingredient. Read more

Mpeketoni young fathers ditch brushes for tomatoes

A group of young fathers have never regretted quitting their small businesses and joining hands to go into farming, which has now given them over five times what they were earning before as markets open up to their produce. Read more

The ABCs of land ownership and purchase in Kenya

Jackson* an electric technician in a local sugar company is a sad man. Last year, he successfully secured a loan from a local commercial bank to top up his savings to purchase two acres of land from a kin to his friend  in Kitale. Read more

Farmer earns from rearing red worms for organic manure

Peter Kanyagia a former accountant is earning upto Sh100,000 every three month rearing and breeding red worms which are in demand by farmers in organic farming who use them to create manure used to grow organic crops. Read more

Tired soils put future food availability at risk

The increasing degradation of earth’s peak soil through over cultivation and nutrient mining is putting pressure on food production with researchers warning that by 2050 agricultural production will dip by upto 30 percent even as population is expected to hit 9.6 billion, up from 7.2 billion last year. ad more

Free fistula surgery for Kenyan moms

A medical camp is giving Kenyan women the chance to benefit from free fistula screening and surgeries at a time when Kenya has been experiencing 3,000 new cases every year. Organised by Flying Doctors Society of Africa (FDSA), Kenyatta National Hospital and Freedom from Fistula Foundation, the camp is targeting a 100 women and runs until July 18th.  Read more

Organic vegetables over 6 times more nutritious, study

Organic fruits, vegetables and cereals are up to 69 percent more nutritious than conventionally grown ones according to a study, the first most comprehensive one on nutritional difference between the two. Read more

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Headband notifies parents when kids have trouble in water (2)

A headband that notify parents about their children’s safety status while in water has been hailed as the best remedy to drowning which is ranked as the second leading cause of domestic injuries  claiming at least 7300 children below the age of five years in Kenya every year according to reports. Read more...

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