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New tomato variety battles wilt disease

A new tomato variety resistant to bacterial wilt disease has been unveiled to Western Kenya farmers who have traditionally suffered low yields due to tired soils that are also wilt laden. Read more

Camp targets kids with environmental conservation

An environmental sustainability firm is giving Kenyan children the chance to learn about water and energy conservation through a a fun-filled camp from August 6th to 9th. Read more

Entrepreneurs to benefit from free online business tutorials

Entrepreneurs and business managers in Kenya with limited business and finance management skills can now earn them free of charge through online tutorials organized by African Management Initiative and which targets at least a million entrepreneurs in Africa in the next 10 years. Read more

Sorghum sourced instant noodles target modern customers

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology has collaborated with Nissin Foods Holdings from Japan to open a processing factory that is manufacturing locally flavoured instant noodles sourced from crops like sorghum as consumers preferences shift to ready to prepare convenient foods. Read more

Palm tree beehives earn farmer Sh3million yearly

Lack of capital to acquire modern beehives was a blessing in disguise for Tom Okello who hatched the idea of creating an improved version with palm trees, which has now grown into an empire housing 170 beehives and earning him Sh3million yearly. Read more

Kids to milk cows, play golf in five day camp

A kids' club is promising kids a fun-filled five day camp with events lined up including milking cows, animating cartoons and playing golf among others in a bid to develop qualities such as leadership and appreciation of diversity in the kids. Read more

Farmers count on video to boost yields

An innovative group has introduced mobile video lessons targeting Uganda farmers to bridge the acute undersupply of extension officers and boost yields. Strained by the need to better farmers livelihoods Sasakawa Global 2000 has realized the need to embrace technology in their quest to positively impact on the rural population. Read more

Murang’a hosts car racing event for families

A motorsport club is treating Kenyan families to a weekend of car-racing in Murang’a on Sunday August 3rd 2014. Dubbed Murang’a TT Car & Speed Festival, the non-alcoholic event hopes to bring families together to see cars race on a tarmac circuit this weekend. more

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Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods

Farmers in the deluge prone Bunyala area of Budalangi who have traditionally lost their harvest due to incessant floods are now assured of safety of their harvests thanks to community granaries that are built on dry areas.  Read more...

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