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E. African SMEs poised for better days with lowered calling rates

The cost of doing business in East Africa is set to go down, thanks to the one network initiative championed by the East Africa Community member states that will see calling rates lowered. The initiative is good news especially for Small Medium Entrepreneurs in the region who have for a long time been affected by high cross border calling rates Read more

Kid’s nose decongesting tool offers moms safe alternative

Angie, a young mother’s joy knew no bounds after delivering her healthy first son. Like every normal child the baby started off his journey of life on a jumpy note. Three weeks later however Angie started noticing breathing complications due to a congested nose resulting from flu. ad more

Online store connects parents to all tots’ needs

An online shop is giving parents a one-stop shop to cater for all their diaper needs. Parents will find a variety of diapers ranging from one for potty training to swimming diapers. Read more

Scientists target silkworms to contain Malaria

Scientists at the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology are using the small factories that silkworm use to produce silk, to manufacture unique antigens on the spot that are key in diagnosing Malaria, with a successful trial expected to greatly curb Malaria spread while creating new demand for silk. Read more

Sourcing business points entrepreneurs to markets and profits

When Denis Musungu 26, quit his job as a hotel manager at one of the leading firms in Nairobi and started selling chicken, his mother was apprehensive. She even invited a renowned sorcerer from the village to dispel dark forces misleading her only literate son. It only took Musungu’s supply of 100 chickens to a city restaurant for the mother to have a change of heart and support him. ad more

Three layered bags stem post harvest losses, aflatoxin

An improved air tight three layered bag is promising Makueni grain farmers reduced post harvest losses and aflatoxin causing fungi at a time when the region has borne the brunt of poor drying that has resulted in aflatoxin related deaths. Read more

Fertilizer loan to fastrack smallholder farmers’ crop production

Western and Nyanza smallholder farmers are counting on a low cost agricultural input loan to boost their production and yields at a time when timely access to seeds, fertilizers and finance has slowed their crop production. Read more

Wonder grass halts soil erosion in Voi

Farmers in Voi have endlessly courted the woes of soil erosion with over half of their crops swept by raging waters every season until a unique multi purpose wonder grass was introduced to them which has not only addressed the soil erosion menace but also provided alternative source of revenue to members through sale of grass and now set to open value addition doors. Read more

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Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods

Farmers in the deluge prone Bunyala area of Budalangi who have traditionally lost their harvest due to incessant floods are now assured of safety of their harvests thanks to community granaries that are built on dry areas.  Read more...

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