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Nairobi premiers inter estate competitions for families

An umbrella body of Kenyan  resident associations is giving families across Nairobi a chance to network, interact and play at the county's first ever resident's festival. Running over a three day period, the festival will see families engage in a variety of activites such as inter-estate competitions, exhibitions and many more.Read more

Kenyan SMEs join black market to stay afloat

SMEs in East Africa are cumulatively losing upto Sh50billion in counterfeits and seem helpless as the illicit trade flourish unabated. While this has seen most of them close shop, others are joining the black market to surivive. Read more   

Kenya launches aflatoxin lab to tame spread

The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (Karlo) has launched the country’s first ever aflatoxin laboratory to tame aflatoxin poisoning which has so far killed more than 100 people and cost the country Sh89billion in losses across the agricultural value chain. ad more 

Customized mugs for important events

Kenyan families can mark major milestones in their lives like birthdays and anniversary with customized mugs that act as memorabilia thanks to a wallpaper décor company that is offering the specialized services. Ideck Kenya urges anyone who wants to remember a remarkable life event to do it through. ead more 

Health conscious Kenyans drive cultivation of neglected thorny fruit

A thorny and spiky fruit vilified by most Kenyans for its strange look and taste is now recording fanatical uptake thanks to endorsement by doctors who recommend it due to its numerous health benefits including slowing the ageing process and boosting the immune system. Read more

Farm house takes Kenya families on Christmas nature walks

Kenyan families can escape to a quiet serene in Nyeri where a farm house is giving them a chance to make Christmas gifts and keep them while indulging in nature walks and horse riding among other activities. Dubbed Sandai Homestay and Cottages. Read more

3D wall stickers bring Spiderman to kids’ bedrooms

A wallpaper décor company is offering Kenya kids the chance to bring their favourite cartoon characters to life right on their bedroom walls. Through 3D wall stickers, characters such as Spiderman or Superman can grace children's bedroom walls everyday. ead more

Electronic toy cars prepare Kenya kids for driving

Kenya kids have a chance to 'learn' how to drive through toy cars. Complete with ignition keys, a reverse and stop pedal, the cars are designed to give children feel of actual driving. The toy cars are designed for play but also come with an educational aspect. Read more 

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Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods

Farmers in the deluge prone Bunyala area of Budalangi who have traditionally lost their harvest due to incessant floods are now assured of safety of their harvests thanks to community granaries that are built on dry areas.  Read more...

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