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Farm house takes Kenya families on Christmas nature walks

Kenyan families can escape to a quiet serene in Nyeri where a farm house is giving them a chance to make Christmas gifts and keep them while indulging in nature walks and horse riding among other activities. Dubbed Sandai Homestay and Cottages. Read more

3D wall stickers bring Spiderman to kids’ bedrooms

A wallpaper décor company is offering Kenya kids the chance to bring their favourite cartoon characters to life right on their bedroom walls. Through 3D wall stickers, characters such as Spiderman or Superman can grace children's bedroom walls everyday. ead more

Electronic toy cars prepare Kenya kids for driving

Kenya kids have a chance to 'learn' how to drive through toy cars. Complete with ignition keys, a reverse and stop pedal, the cars are designed to give children feel of actual driving. The toy cars are designed for play but also come with an educational aspect. Read more 

Watermelons flourish in the middle of barren farms

Between large swathes of maize plantations in the weather beaten Rarieda terrain stands a one tenth acre of succulent water melons that have gives 41 year old Joseph Onduso Sh30,000 in profits every month, at a time when his neighbours stare at barren farms. Read more

New bicycle technology increases tube shelf life, reducing punctures

A company manufacturing bicycle components is revolutionizing families' experience on these two-wheeled vehicles. This is through its range of products that help reduce or prevent punctures. It includes an airless tube, a liquid sealant that fills puncture holes. Read more

Wheat farmers lose yields to poor techniques

Kenya's wheat production has been on a downward spiral in recent years, even as demand soars driven by rising urbanization where people are developing an appetite for mass-produced, convenient foods containing processed wheat flour. Read more

Developers assist Kenyans recover lost documents with new technology

A website is helping Kenyans trace their documents saving them from the bureaucracy and high penalties associated with replacing the all important documents for Sh1200. Zipate, which mean retrieving the lost, is one such firm set up by three youths in Nairobi. Read more

Toy store woos Kenya kids with Sh500 vouchers

A toystore is giving Kenya kids a chance to win vouchers worth  Sh.500 in a building competition. Participants will be required to come up with creative structures built using lego, a toy used in constructing items that is made of plastic interlocking bricks. Read more

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Community granary spares farmers’ produce from floods

Farmers in the deluge prone Bunyala area of Budalangi who have traditionally lost their harvest due to incessant floods are now assured of safety of their harvests thanks to community granaries that are built on dry areas.  Read more...

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